Project: ITOH Japanese Premium Vinegar Campaign

Client: Ascen Resources (S) Pte Ltd

Additional Feature: brand logo design work, icon design, image editing.

ITOH is Osaka based high quality health & beauty supplements manufacturer. In Singapore, ITOH’s range of Japanese Premium Vinegars is the bestseller amongst the entire ITOH product range. It comes in 12 delicious flavours and each flavour possesses unique health, beauty and slimming properties. The original “Your wellness drink for all seasons” concept for ITOH’s Japanese Premium Vinegar has grown outdated and a fresh memorable revamped concept is needed. 

The campaign set which is in the platforms of TODAY Newspaper - press advertisement and 12pp product brochure is to communicate ITOH’s brand of high-quality vinegars, and its key benefits. 



Project: Corporate and Marketing Brochures Design

Client: Minerva Industrial & Trading Pte Ltd

Additional Feature: icon design, stock image selection and image editing.


A contractor and equipment supplier company, which was founded in 1988, wished to have their outdated corporate and marketing brochures redesigned. 



Project: Key Learning Hub A5 Flyer Design

Client: Key Learning Hub Pte Ltd

Additional Feature: stock image selection and location map design.


A5 flyer design project with the purpose of street marketing to promote its key services and to attract more walk-ins and call-ins hence the importance level of the message and the location map design.



A Singapore's leading import, export and wholesaler for dried seafood and other delectable Asian culinary ingredients wanted to create a packaging designed for the Saudi Arabia export client.

The project is about highlighting their main USP and at the same time to create more brand awareness. Keeping in mind that although the design was expected to be modern but a good balance of traditional gist as the company's brand image should still be kept.

Vehicle Decal

Yuan Sang Pte Ltd



Project: Itsy-Prints Christmas Promotional Campaign

Client: Itsy-Prints Pte Ltd


An online t-shirt design portal and their promotional campaign to promote their Christmas deals in the platforms of one-sided DL flyer and website banner.



Project: A2-size Awareness Campaign Poster Design

Client: Nails.Workz


A one-stop grooming salon with their in-house awareness poster designed to highlight their 5 hygiene policy and pledge to the customers.


Project: CNY Promotion Website Banner Design

Client: Actspand Pte Ltd


An organic foods brand, created, grown and provided by Actspand Pte Ltd. The project is to advertise their Natures' Superfoods brand bundles's promotions during after the Chinese New Year season through their online shop.