Project: Total Nutrition Brand Logo Design

Client: Ascen Resources (S) Pte Ltd


A multivitamin brand that supports general health, well-being and provide balanced nutrition. The logo provides a strong presence of a healthy lifestyle with the colour presented showcasing its boldness.



Project: Business Card Design

Client: Todd Beltz Photography


A Singapore based photographer specialising in culinary, interior and lifestyle photography. While keeping it clean and easy to read as the base guide, to stand out from the pack is the concept that we want to approach through the design.



Project: Company Logo Revamp and Business Card Design

Client: Key Learning Hub Pte Ltd


Tuition Group that emphasise in balancing both left and right brain education which concept is represented well in the new logo created as well as shown in the identity of its’ business card design.   



Project: Program Logo and Standee Design

Client: Kimberly Clark - Asia Pacific


An annual leadership program held by the Kimberly Clark - Asia Pacific that aims to develop and prepare their high potential leaders to be. The logo designed strongly present the meaning of Growth supported by the Creativity and Innovation to help in the business strategies and planning as the theme of the year 2016. The modern blue green colour scheme also shows a new and fresh beginning.