Project: Packaging Box Design
Client: iCentral Mobile Pte Ltd

Intelli Cords Packaging

Highlight Feature: brand logo design work, concept planning and icon design.

Packaging design work for the mobile accessories manufacturer's new product launch, the iPhone Lightning cable. The 3 colour concepts were to appeal the gender segmentation in its marketing.

Project: Packaging Box Design
Client: Ascen Resources (S) Pte Ltd

ITOH Collagen Packaging

Highlight Feature: brand logo design work, icon design, stock image selection and image editing.

ITOH is Osaka based high quality health & beauty supplements manufacturer. Their collagen supplements come in sachets. The project is to create a one month supply (84 sachets) packaging in addition to the current packaging which is only for a one week supply with 21 sachets in a box. The new design is aimed to achieve the needs to be appealing to the Millennials group although there are more mature buyers as well. The design has to also highlight the importance of the key product features and to be more towards the Japanese trends and easily can be identified for a collagen supplement product. 

Project: Packaging Pouch Design
Client: Yuan Sang Pte Ltd

Yuan Sang Dried Shrimp Packaging

A Singapore's leading import, export and wholesaler for dried seafood and other delectable Asian culinary ingredients wanted to create a packaging designed for the Saudi Arabia export client. Although, the design was to be clean and straightforward, the key visual of the packaging achieved is actually to emphasise the concept of their quality - as generally there’s a belief, that the redder the shrimps, the better the quality.