Project: Brochure Design & Newspaper Advertisement
Client: Ascen Resources (S) Pte Ltd

ITOH Japanese Premium Vinegar Campaign


Highlight Feature: brand logo design work, icon design, image editing.

ITOH is Osaka based high quality health & beauty supplements manufacturer. In Singapore, ITOH’s range of Japanese Premium Vinegars is the bestseller amongst the entire ITOH product range. It comes in 12 delicious flavours and each flavour possesses unique health, beauty and slimming properties. The original “Your wellness drink for all seasons” concept for ITOH’s Japanese Premium Vinegar has grown outdated and a fresh memorable revamped concept is needed.

The campaign was launched in two platforms media of TODAY Newspaper - press advertisement and 12pp product brochure in roll fold DL size formats. The campaign is to communicate ITOH’s brand of high-quality vinegars, and its key benefits. 


Project: Brochures Design
Client: Minerva Industrial & Trading Pte Ltd

Minerva Corporate and Marketing Brochures


Highlight Feature: icon design, stock image selection and image editing.

A pioneer in contractor and equipment supplier industry, founded in 1988 with offices in Singapore and Malaysia. Redesigned their outdated Company's Corporate Brochure and Marketing Brochures for their business units.


Merries Employment Executive Search Brochure

Project: 4pages Bi-fold Brochure Design
Client: Merries Employment LLP


Highlight Feature: stock image resourcing, image editing and graph design

An A4 4pp bi-fold brochure designed with the main purpose of introducing the company's newly launch service. The brochure is also required to well explain all the information about its new service, including the process and the key benefits to its customers or the company's target recipient.


Project: Tag Design
Client: Travel Supplies Pte Ltd

YEOBO Luggage Tag

Highlight Feature: icon design

An 4pp A6 luggage tag designed with the concept of  fun, bright and dynamic patterns with hidden 'heart' shapes – to represent the meaning of 'YEOBO', a Korean word which means sweetheart or love. The design was also able to deliver well the message of modern whimsical and full of dreams that the company would like to convey to the market.


Project: Poster Design
Client: Nailsworkz

Nailsworkz Hygiene Awareness Poster

A one-stop grooming salon with their in-store awareness poster designed in A2 size to highlight their 5 hygiene policy and pledge to the customers.