I have a great passion of what I do and I love working with others who are also passionate about what they do as well.



Hello! My name is Wilyana Widjaja and I am an Indonesian-born Singaporean. I am currently committed full time doing freelance as a graphic designer based in Singapore.

I had been involved in art for as long as I could remember. I always believe that I might have been born naturally with my soul and both right & left brain fully filled with only creative juices; as my forever highest grade subject in school was always the Art&Craft. That brought me to my bachelor degree in Visual Communication major after my four years of a very intensive work.


In my early working years, I had been lucky enough to gain various experiences in many different graphic fields in Singapore. I had worn the different hats of a digital image artist in one photography company, a graphic designer in one design event agency, an editorial designer in 2 magazine publication companies and also an in-house graphic designer in one corporation.

Starting out my freelance journey as a passion in 2014, I took the step to explore and to push forward into the industry and to become a refine graphic design freelancer. 

Powered by the growing experiences through every projects I have done, my design philosophy has centres around the idea of pairing my creative knowledge and aesthetic belief with each of clients’ essential needs.

Always with an ethos to aim for a "WOW" on every single project.