Total Nutrition Supplement Bottles' Labels

Project: Label Design
Client: Ascen Resources (S) Pte Ltd

Highlight Feature: brand logo design work, icon design, stock image sourcing and image editing.

Total Nutrition is an existing 4-year-old health supplement range and has been retailing in at least 300 medical halls in Singapore, past atrium events and online. However, the current packaging’s problem is that it looks outdated and commonly only identifiable among older customers.

The project is to rebrand Total Nutrition into a recognisable, affordable health supplement label where families rely and trust this brand for their daily nutritional and supplement dietary needs. The important factor that is to be appealing not only to the older generation but also people who are in their 20s – 40s who acknowledge the importance of supplementing their everyday diet with nutrients and vitamins they lack is the concept that the new look should achieve.


Natures' Superfoods Pouches' Labels

Project: Label Design
Client: Actspand Pte Ltd

Natures' Superfoods is an organic food brand that believe in building lasting good health through 100% natural, organic and nutrient-rich whole foods. The project is to create the new labels look for the whole range of their Organic Superfood brand. The labels are designed and adapted to well match the pouches base, the plastic pouch and kraft paper pouch.